Soldiers of Tovias takes place in a war-torn galaxy. The two sides of the war are the Telnok Prefecture and the Tovias Confederacy. Earth is neutral ground – nobody wants it. Earth has become a smoldering, post-apocalyptic rock floating in space. The Telnok Prefecture and the Tovias Confederacy are fighting over a cluster of gas giants spread across several star systems. These gas giants can be mined for the raw gasses that are used in fueling spacecraft. Players have enlisted in the Confederate Tovias Navy in their desire to help win and end the war. At least, that is how the recruiter sold it to them. In truth, the players can really do nothing to speed up the war. Instead, they simply live their lives on board the Combat Fighter Transport (CFT) Jupiter. CFT Jupiter has seen many battles and has many blackened spots on the hull. While both empires are human, and have advanced space flight, effective means of advanced combat has not yet been discovered.

Soldiers of Tovias